Jan 10, 2022


by: Diana Tyson


Categories: Therapy

Why Diana is Sparkling up North?

Diana was approached to do an article for Sparkle up North, talking about her therapies and what made her decide to become a therapist.

It’s something Diana had never really given much thought to and it was good for her to reflect and discuss where the spark and passion came from to provide therapies.

The answer was simple.  Having experienced a very stressful time in her life that created low energy she was recommend to try Reflexology and Reiki. That experience completely changed her life. Having gained the many benefits positively on both her physical and mental wellbeing, Diana wanted to provide a space where calmness, inner peace and balance was available to everyone who came for therapy.

To find out more, here’s the moving and beautifully inspiring story detailing Diana’s journey that we’re sure many of you will connect with.

Life after grief: losing and finding yourself through holistic therapy