Breaking free from labels

Bespoke coping strategies to overcome and break labels

Through their journey in life children and young people may pick up labels that have usually been unintentionally placed upon them by others or themselves during childhood, from places such as their home environment, school or even society as a whole.

These labels can create self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving their potential and can cause upset, distress and low-self confidence in children and young people. Read my own story and families experience further down this page.

I offer bespoke one-to-one sessions to help children and young people break free from self-limiting labels and beliefs that hold them back. I create a safe space for them to discover effective strategies that work best for them, that they can use in everyday situations to increase their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. Dependent upon what best suits you, your child/young person or family, I offer the following sessions to achieve this;

  • Parent and child session
  • Child/ young person only session
  • Parent only session


If you’d like to support your own child or young person to achieve their full potential get in contact for a free connection call to discover the many benefits from breaking free from the labels. Set them free to be who they’re truly meant to be. Also for your convenience, this therapy is available online.

£70 per session

Our Experience of Breaking-Free from Labels

When my children were diagnosed with dyspraxia (coordination disorder), complex speech and language disorder, dyslexia and autism, I started to change how I viewed these labels. I was also diagnosed with dyslexia myself age 43.

My experience as a parent and a therapist enabled me to recognise when my children were having difficulties and frustrations. As a result, I began to create a picture of the common situations arising such as:

  • How they reacted to stimuli around them
  • How I reacted when witnessing them affected by stimuli
  • What calmed them down or increased their frustration
  • How it made me feel when I saw them very angry with themselves
  • What I could do to help them through their situation
  • What I could also do to help myself as a parent through the situation


Client satisfaction is at the heart of the Natural Transformation experience

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