Who are we to judge?

I saw this beautiful quote today and it really helped me reflect, that we really do not know what others are dealing with, so what right do we have to judge? Simply, we do not, however sometimes we do.

“If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us face. I think we would treat each other much more gently, with much more love, patience, tolerance and care “. Unknown author

So that’s why I love the work I do, creating space for the person to truly feel safe and let go of the unspoken words, the hurt, the jumble of thoughts in their mind that overwhelms them. I have experienced situations where I have been the first person they have uttered the words to. How does that make that person feel? A sense of relief that the burden and the weight has been lifted. Acknowledging their feelings and unwanted emotions is like opening a wound they wish to cut out, clean, care for and allow to heal, in a way that they can control which is freeing and empowering.

Trust is a word that I do not use lightly.  The person needs to trust you, so you must be authentic in the work you do and the therapy you provide. The strength I have experienced, seen, and I am still seeing, takes my breath away. To me these people who come for my therapies are warriors. They juggle so many things and are trying to maintain balance in everyday situations, now more than ever, particularly during lockdown and the lifting restrictions. They quietly do their work, providing love, support for their family and friends. Yet it is them who need to regain positive energy and motivation, particularly when their batteries are running low.

When someone comes into my therapy room or on-line therapy session and says “ I am finding this situation challenging I need help ! What a great first step, because that is what it is, a step in the right direction. It sometimes uncovers other situations, thoughts, emotions and you have to be ready for the possible waterfall of emotions and beautiful light bulb moments that are sure to follow.

So if you are willing to ride the roller coaster of emotions and continue your healing journey. You will gain a greater understanding of how you can unlock your potential and be aware of how to move forward freely, positively and authentically. Then together we will acknowledge the challenges you face and create solutions that work for you.

This is a wonderful investment in your mind and body and the techniques you learn will have a positive impact for the rest of your life.

Tiny Buddha quote

“ Build someone up, put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they are worthy, tell them they are magical. Be a light in a too often dim world”

Let’s finish with one of my positive affirmation created by Diana

“Transform your thoughts and free your mind, when we learn to change our thoughts, we change our lives”.

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